About us

Our Company is leader in the field of “Industrial Representation``, for the marketing of products designed to metalworking, metal forming and metal cutting along with assessment services and business management.

The know-how developed in years of experience allows us to support customers by offering them a complete technical and commercial service by:

  • technical advice for the purchase of machinery
  • design of technical specifications
  • participation to on -line tender purchases of plants
  • proposals of lease agreements for machines and equipment
  • expert evaluation of company branches
  • analysis and definition of preventive and predictive maintenance contracts
  • EBP management (Enterprise Buyer Professional) for the purchase of spare parts and accessories on the Internet

These skills propose us not only as agents and representatives, but as reliable partners in defining the best purchase for the customer.

The Customer Culture as good to achieve and preserve, a continuous technical updating, and the approach to new methods of purchase, have been the basis of our training and of our professional style.

In particular, our goal of a greater collaboration between customers and suppliers, has been successfully achieved with New Acugest 1.1., a new procedure for “online purchases” of different materials such as spare parts, accessories, consumables, etc., which are closely related to the management and maintenance of industrial plants

This program allows to achieve the following benefits :

  • Standardization and rationalization of the types of products required
  • Possibility to store catalogs / supplier rating
  • Direct access to suppliers’ up to date  on- line catalogs
  • An easier and faster choice through specific catalogs for each installation
  • Minimize the possibility of data entry errors
  • Reduce the time of  order issue  and its management and payment
  • Fast delivery of materials on site

The NEW-ACUGEST 1.1 system based on annual agreements contracted directly between customer and supplier, simplifies the purchasing process, consolidating the trusted relationship through a transparent and immediate management.